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Originally Posted by pititis View Post
Wow the new version is cool.

Customers can order and manage their products from the dashboard. Addons, upgrade/downgrade and cancellations. Love it. Thank you!

Yeap, but there are some bugs?
I don't receive any order of products available on dashboard - I tested with settings of email send by SMTP and without SMTP. Invoices are sendind quite, but no one information about change customer data or order...

Second one is about general ISPConfig - I'm doing some needed translations, and if inside lng file is example:

$wb['error_delete_read_all_combination'] = 'Illegal combination of options. You can not use \\"Delete emails after retrieval\\" = no tog
ether with \\"Retrieve all emails\\" = yes';

In translation form I see: Illegal combination of options. You can not use \

One of field contains a clickable list of variables - this break page too.

Ok, most important is why emails with orders are not send...

Edit: Double backslashes are added after Language Complete, in source files is only one backslash. but this is bug too I think.

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