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Default [Possible bug] Permission / mount issue after updating to

Please read posts 2 & 3 also - they contain further information regarding this issue.

After updating to ISPConfig, whenever I create a new website, it's root directory (i.e. /var/www/clients/client0/web4) is set to be owned by 'root:root', instead of 'web4:client0' as expected.

In turn, when removing a site, the directory cannot be fully removed as during the removal process, the ISPConfig server script returns "rm: cannot remove 'web4/log': Device or resource busy".

On top of this, I can't seem to be able to delete this directory while logged in as the 'root' user. Neither can I create files or folders within the root site directory when the site exists (/var/www/clients/client0/web4) while logged in as the 'root' user.

Any suggestions please? ISPConfig was working perfectly for me prior to this update. While this issue does not stop me from creating new sites, I find it rather odd that sites have changed from being owned by their respective user/group to being owned by 'root:root'.

Appreciate any pointers you could give!

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