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Originally Posted by desanidesigns View Post
This is definitely something worth looking into, the main restriction will be how we are able to work with the round-robin from within HostBill and keeping track of how many accounts have been added to each server and which server was last used in the chain.

If this is something you're really wanting to pursue, please PM me and we can discuss in detail what may be needed.

Yes, I'd be interested. Strict round-robin may not be necessary. Just find the server with less accounts on it. Ties will resolve themselfes automagically.

I'm not sure how and where hostbill allows you to keep data for the module. Either you "select count(accounts) from ispconfig_servers group by server_id" or you use the API to ispconfig to find out which is the server with less accounts and use it.

A real professional look would be to implement the ispconfig panel inside hostbill client area. When a client logins in hostbill and clicks on its service "manage" button, your module shall lookup on which server that particular domain is hosted and connect the customer to the ispconfig interface (ideally within hostbill interface).

You can have a look at the proxmox module and see how consoles for VPS are handled within hostbill.

I the above looks nice to you let's talk via pm for implementation details

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