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Originally Posted by ispcomm View Post
Hello desanidesigns,

as you're reading this thread, I would like to ask to for more information with your plugin.

I'm looking at automatic a pool of ispconfig servers, mostly handling web sites+mail, but provisioning dns would be nice too.

Ideally, you'll have a pool of web servers and respective IP range and you would add a new site to the servers in a round-robin (to start with) fashion to each of these servers, until a they're full with a preselected number of sites.

I'm willing to *pay* for a more professional module for hostbill and I guess many of us trying to use ispconfig beyound the single server small-shop.

This is definitely something worth looking into, the main restriction will be how we are able to work with the round-robin from within HostBill and keeping track of how many accounts have been added to each server and which server was last used in the chain.

If this is something you're really wanting to pursue, please PM me and we can discuss in detail what may be needed.

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