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'customer_no' => array (
			'datatype'	=> 'VARCHAR',
			'formtype'	=> 'TEXT',
			'validators'	=> array ( 	0 => array (	'type'	=> 'UNIQUE',
														'errmsg'=> 'customer_no_error_unique',
														'allowempty' => 'y'),
			'default'	=> '',
			'value'		=> '',
I found this in the client.tform.php. I can add clients threw the controlpanel and leave the customer number empty. But threw the API I cant leave it empty.

I think there is a problem with 'type' => 'UNIQUE', because I can add the first client threw the api by leaving the customer number empty. But if I want to add a second client with leaving the customer number empty I get the error message.
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