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Default Make sure the directories exist.

Originally Posted by shesalady View Post
I am stuck on Step 14.3.1 PHP-FPM at:
Copy php.ini and php-fpm.conf (if you've compiled PHP with FPM) to the correct locations:

cp /usr/local/src/php5-build/php-5.3.18/php.ini-production /opt/php-5.3.18/lib/php.ini
Error msg: cp cannot stat '/usr/local/src/php5-build/php-5.3.18/php.ini-production': No such file or directory.

I have re-done everything from beginning twice and I still get stuck here. Please advise!
When I performed this install, I noticed that I had to create the directories. They didn't exist. So maybe try:
  • mkdir /opt/php-5.3.18
  • mkdir /opt/php-5.3.18/lib

After that, try copying the file again.

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