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Originally Posted by till View Post
SSl Cert for www subdomain works fine on my server. A ssl cert is only for one domain, so dont use wildcards. Did you delete the ssl cert before you created a new one?
Yes, deleted. I create the subdomain in Website-Websites, not Subdomains for Website, is this OK?
I didn't use wildcards.

Originally Posted by till View Post
Sure. you can use as many ssl certs on your server as you want. Just create a new website for each domain or subdomain that you want to have its own ssl cert and create a new cert. Please note that you have to use SNI if you dont have a dedicated IP for each ssl enabled site.
Is this maybe the problem, I don't know what SNI is. Is there a howto for enabling this?

Originally Posted by till View Post
One domain or subdomain can only point to one IP at a time. But thats not ssl related.
Ok, I think I have to tell you what this server is intended for, for clarification.
It should be a sem-HA solution for the poor. Thats why I used your clustered setup.
Now, I have the Domain and A records for www (some DNS provider) somethiong like

www A
www A

With this configuration (one subdomain points to different IP's) i get some round-robin LoadBalancing.
Thats working OK. But I think I'll have a problem with SSL.
www on both IP's should be certificated. Is this possivble. certificeate domain for and for

Actually, I don't need this LoadBalancing. All I need is a solution if the first Server is not reachable switch to the second Server and switch back to the first server when reachable again. I read your clustered solution and build everything around this. And it worked OK till I needed to uses certificates.
Maybe you have an idea how to do this better?
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