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Question Falko

Maybe you misunderstood me. I am not sure exactly how to set up a VPN with three nodes spread accross a MAN, but what I meant was have them replicate on public IP addresses on say port 85 and then have the firewall foward port 85 to port 80 on the virtual IP address on the web server node inside the networks. Also another way can be to configure apache to listen on port 85 and then the conversion would not be necessary but the forwarding would still be essential. Is there any other ports ultramonkey uses that need to be opened on a firewall to make this work?

Another newbie like question, do you install ISPCONFIG after the cluster is set up, and does it replicate across the nodes or do you have to install it on all nodes seperately?

Maybe I misunderstood your approach. Would it be easier to set up a VPN? That probably would require us to buy more hardware that can handle WAN VPN routing. We are trying to keep cost down to a minimum so suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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