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Originally Posted by marclar
I have successfully installed ISPConfig on my debian system.. So postfix is running, and i can telnet to my server through 25 and 110 ports succesfully. But, when i set up the mail account in outlook, it allways returns error, like username or password is wrong. I have added that user through ISPconfig -> Site -> User &E-mail -> NEW.

But apparently, this user still doesnt exist, or ain't allowed to acces my mail server.

Im guessing, if there might be a problem with DNS's?
If i type "dig MX" i get an mx record to

Should I do something with this domain ( in ISPConfig ?
I'm kind of confused here, please help.
Tnx to everyone
Not to test it, but yes if you want to receive email from internet. Go to co-domains inside your domain to add

If you send an email from OE to your server to your email is it delivered?
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