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Default New Server Not working as intended...

Hi HowToForge Forum

I hope you can help as I'm having an absolute nightmare of a couple of days.

I've just purchased a server from OVH and asked for ISPConfig as my control panel. It's not a control I've used before but I've read so much about it over the last couple of years I believed it would be sensible to go with it. Just for the record I am not using the DNS portion of the server as I prefer to keep that seperate. I have changed the corresponding host entries to point to this new server IP though.

I always dive in cautiously on a new server and just add a couple of domains to learn about how it works.

I added a "client" to the system - Client1

then added a new site MySite1.dom to the Sites section under Client1

I then added a new SSH user Client1MySite1DOM

I sshed in, checked i was in the right directory


(NB WebN is my abbreviation not literal)

and amended the index.html to test it resolves and is mapped correctly. It was - WoooHooo

I then added Site2.dom to the Sites section also under Client1.

I added a new SSH user - Client1MySite2Dom

I amended the index.html file for this user after also checking I was in the right directory - I was, Web(N+1)

But..... although the index page was now showing correctly for Site2.dom it was also changed for Site1.dom

I was bemused!

I deleted everything and tried again.

It seems that what ever site I add it becomes the default for all other sites, almost as if each new site I add is a symlink for all other sites.

I'm sure I am being an idiot (as I am quite qualified in that regard) but I can't see where or how.

Do you have any ideas, cos I'd gratefully receive them


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