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Default problems with self-compiled nginx

my nginx.conf contains: worker_processes 8;

And yet, if I do a: pstree I see:

     |       |-nginx---4*[{nginx}]
     |       |-nginx---6*[{nginx}]
     |       `-2*[nginx---{nginx}]

With the stock Debian nginx-full this always looked like this:
Its weird, I always had 10 nginx processes: the 8 workers, the 1 master process and now that I used fastcgi_cache 1 nginx: cache manager process - that is 10 in total but now after compiling my own, I have 20 or a similar high number, it seems to fluctuate.
I thought ISPCFG3 was watching nginx and restarting it but since I did an apt-get remove nginx nginx-full nginx-common it should only find the manually compiled one and NOT start it again

Any idea?
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