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First of all, ispconfig 3 is no deamon, so it can not and has not to be started. ISPconfig consist of a interface part, which is basically a apache or nginx vhost, and a server part which is a cronjob.

Which guide did you use to prepare your server for the installation of ispconfig?

Regarding your coronjob errors.

1) Postfix is not started. Start it with its init script.
2) The other errors can be ignored as they have no impact on the system. They are just from the monitor and get displayed as the ipv6 module is not loaded in your kernel and a reaid druver that is installed but you dont seem to have the raid hardware for that driver installed. So both are uncritical.

"Restarting web server: apache2MySQL Connection problem"
This indicates that mysql is not started.
Till Brehm
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