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Default How to have full mail synchronization with ISPConfig3?


At the moment we have a client who want's to have full mobile and also desktop integration with its email service. In a simple way he want's to have all its information synchronized between its:

- Desktop Mail Application (Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail)
- Phone (Android and iPhone)
- Webmail

At the moment this client is hosted on a standard Linux, cPanel server with Roundcube as webmail interface so he his using IMAP on its desktop and also phone, but as said before he needs more information to be synchronized, so besides emails he also needs:

- Contacts
- Calendar
- Notes

After i beed researching i have found that want the client wants is something similar to what Microsoft Exchange offers, and i also found the following products from Rackspace Email and Atmail that have that kind of features as you can see at:

But the problem with the above two solution is that they are paid and commercial solutions and i'm looking to find a open-source / free solution.

So my idea is to buy a new and clean server to act just as email server with ISPConfig3 installed.

So regarding this does anyone has any kind of advice or suggestion?

Thanks and Regards
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