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Originally Posted by till View Post
Your problems occureed because you did not create the first ssl cert in ispconfig and that you did not use a multidomain cert, take a look into the ispconfig manual, the steps to create a ssl cert in ispconfig are described there in detail.

If a site has more then one domain name, then choose a multi domain ssl cert when you buy it at the ssl authority. The ssl authority will ask you for the additional domain names, so there are no changes required in your ispconfig setup for that.
Thanks for the reply Till!

I did look through the manual but it does not cover what I faced with this particular case. I needed the cert to cover the Domain Alias, not the actual domain. ISPConfig's SSL Tab doesn't allow you to choose a domain alias when having it create a SSL cert via pasting. ISPConfig's SSL Tab limits you to the current domain only.

Because you are limited to only choosing the current domain, ISPConfig writes file references to ssl files for the current domain in the vhost file when you create any ssl using the tab.

Therefore, I needed an alternative solution that was compatible with ISPConfig. Hopefully this feature is added in a future release, but this seems to be doing the trick pretty safely in the meantime.

Also, I did setup a self-signed ssl cert in ISPConfig during initial setup, however, neither a self-signed cert nor a multi-domain cert were desired in this case.
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