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Default Any way to change the public html paths

Hi. We're half way through moving off an old raw server (no control panel) to a shiney new server managed with ISPConfig.

We use SVN which pulls our PHP files to our website folders on the ISPConfig folder. SVN already has a folder for the public HTML files and it's not called ./web which is what ISPConfig expects.

In the past we just deleted the servers public html folder, and replaced it with a symbolic link to the public html folder downloaded from the SVN server. But on our new server that doesn't work because we are running suPHP.

Is there a way to change the name of the public html folder for a website hosted on ISPConfig?

Domain is hosted from folder

But our public html folder may be

Whats the solution?
I don't want to switch off suPHP and I also don't want to be renaming the public HTML folders across two dozen SVN repos.
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