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Default Server monitor incorrect reporting

I have a new ISPonfig 3.0.4 setup on a debian wheezy system that I am working through.

However under Monitor --> Server State in the ISPConfig3 screen it shows a problem or two.... clicking through it shows this:

Web-Server: Offline
FTP-Server: Online
SMTP-Server: Offline
POP3-Server: Offline
IMAP-Server: Offline
DNS-Server: Online
mySQL-Server: Offline

Yes all these services are installed and yes they are actually all working - kinda obvious the web and mysql ones are else I wouldn't even get to the ISPConfig web panel....

Looking at .../lib/classes/ - which is where I think these things are derived, it appears all the monitor is doing is checking the port of each service to see if it's up.

So why is it not working on some of these services? Any ideas?
This is debian wheezy btw, but checking ports, that shouldn't make a difference.
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