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Unhappy Fresh Install, Same Problem...

I've done a fresh install and still have this issue.

What I Expect To Happen:
I want to throw a 404 error as it should when the subdomain blah doesn't exist for

What Actually Happens:
If is not a valid subdomain, the client is redirected to the first domain on the server it finds (bottom up) that has autosubdomain set to *..

Why This Is Bad:
1.) Client#1 creates a site: and sets autosubdomain to *.
2.) Client#2 creates a site: and sets autosubdomain to www.
3.) Patron#1 while trying to view, accidently types and instead goes to Client#1's site of
4.) Patron#1 calls Client#2 (who knows absolutely nothing about computers) and says, your site has been hijacked! Call your hosting provider immediately!
5.) Client#2 calls ME and cusses me out saying WTF am I paying you for, you let my site get hiijacked!? You have the worst service ever! I KNOW where you live and I don't handle things through the police! (True story BTW)

Help Please?
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