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Default Basics of ISPConfig and internal / external ips

My ISP provided me with 1 ip, I used this ip for my Firewall, I then set up ISPConfig 3 at and used NAT to forward the required ports for ISPConfig 3 to Everything seems to work fine, but all of my sites are set up on IPv4 * so it listens on all ips, even though I only have
My question is, do I need to add the external ip so it also appears in the drop down? I am wanting to try SSL on multiple sites on this 1 IP, and I don't understand if that IP is supposed to be the or the real external IP which is used in my Firewall only. I am told you can't run SSL on "*", even though its running SSL fine on one site that uses "*" Also, if I do pick for a website, it seems to "break" things. For instance, other sites become the site that has picked instead of *.

Hope this makes sense. I just need a basic understanding of what IPs I need to be using on the ISPConfig 3 side. I guess I could keep using *, but that's not working with multiple SSL sites on the one IP, at least Godaddy signed SSL certs.

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