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But I really can't understand that bugtracker, it is reported as a bug aparently, but as fixed but, there is no indication of what is wrong, plus I have the latest RC1 so I don't understand anymore.
Take a look at the dates of the RC1 release and the bugtracker entry. The RC1 has been released in Decenmber, the bug is marked as closed in january. So how should a Fix be included in a release that has been release before the issue has been fixed??

So if you want to get the latest ispconfig version, then check it out from SVN:

svn export svn://

I am just shocked as how nobody seems to really care that there is no solution to this problem, no plugin that appears to be working and none that seems to need it for this platform.
Not quite sure why you post this complaint here. You bought a software from a company which claims to bridge between hostbill and ispconfig. The company you bought this plugn from is not related to the ispconfig project in any way, so if their software does not work correctly with a given ispconfig version, then you should send them the complaints and not us.

There is a official billing module available for ispconfig which is especially made to work with ispconfiga nd is tightly integrated.

Have you asked the company were you bought this bridge plugin if it is compatible with ISPConfig 3.0.5 RC1 at all? The 3.0.5 RC is a test version and no official stable release from ISPConfig. It might simply be that the other company has not updated their product for ISPConfig 3.0.5 yet.

FYI: I did bought the manual, two copies to be precise, to help the developers, but I'm still alone in this matter.
The ISPConfig developers provide free support from monday to friday. Your posts wrere all posted over the weekend.
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