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Well I got the on board RAID 1 going, centOS 6.3 installed and working on finishing up ISPCONFIG 3 install.

I am a bit confused as to how I should proceed to backup or ideally image drives as a safety net. Originally I had intended to configure a software RAID 1 just with centOS but it appears that the Dell PowerEdge 1950 can only do on board RAID and no way to configure non-RAID drives that I saw. Looks like even if I wanted to run a single drive I couldn't.

I have run hardware RAIDs in the past but not with Linux and thought I remembered reading somewhere that it was a no no to use hardware RAID with Linux?

On other servers that I have setup in the past typically I would just run single drives and image them from time to time with G4U. Not sure how to proceed imaging the DELL hardware RAID. There are only 2 drive bays in this box so I assume I need to pull one drive, install another backup (or hot swap initialized drive) and let the hardware RAID rebuild? Just no idea how to proceed for backups where there are only 2 bays. Any advice appreciated here as this is uncharted territory for me.


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