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Default Multiserver setup with delayed servers

Hi, new here and i thought I'd try setting up ISPConfig3 in a multiserver enviroment.

However, I am in a situation where not all the servers that will be in the setup are currently available. Is it possible to setup the main server adding all the database entries etc for the eventual other servers without those servers physically existing as yet? (this is not a cluster setup).

I assume I will have to prepare passwords and IP adrresses for the additional servers beforehand so the details can be entered - this isn't a problem. It's just that I can't wait for the extra servers to become available, I would need to use the primary server in the meantime.

Or alternatively, can you add more servers to the primary server's setup later?
Also, this setup will be done on Debian Wheezy - hopefully that isn't a problem.

Thanks for any advice.
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