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Default Configuring DNS for Primary Servers In Multi-Server Setup


I have read many of the howto documents regarding multi-server and DNS server setup, but none of them are clear on configuring DNS records for these primary servers.

The DNS servers are working fine and I have setup the DNS records at my hosting provider. I have created websites on my multi-server setup and they are working fine.

Here is where I have trouble, say I have the following primary servers setup in my configuration: - - - - - -

In ISP Config 3, what DNS records are needed to do the following:

(1) Create records to access via instead of

(2) Create records that will make use of as well as

(3) Create records that will allow me and my clients to access my mail server like this I don't even think the server is setup properly to access webmail via, but that information was not provided in the howto documentation.

(4) Create records that will allow me to access my git server via instead of

These are the howto documents that I referred to during the multi-server setup, and I am unable to complete the setup with the information provided:

Is there someone who can help me complete this setup?

Thanks in advance...

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