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How does secondary dns work? Do you make a mirror dns server for the "main" server or do you add a zone to one server and then add a secondary zone on the second server, pointing to the first one?
This are two different method to achieve the same goal. So do either the forst or second method but not both at the same time.

The ispconfig mirror method is easier as you dont have to take care to create a secondary record and the mirroring is done automatically by ispconfig. The other method with creating a secondary record is more work when you create a new zone but it will work also for primary dns servers that dont run ispconfig as it is a generic BIND zone transfer.

My former confusion was due to the fact that a server is either a slave or a mirror, hence cannot have mixed cases (slave for all except mirror for dns)
My recemmendation is to use virtualisation, e.g. have two vm's for dns only and attach these vm's as mirrored slaved to your master server. This has also benefits in security.
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