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Default Pure-FTPd (on Debian 6.0.2): port 21 desperately closed...

Hi there,

I just got a preinstalled server (Debian Squeeze with ISPConfig 3) and
I spent about 2 days searching for a solution but I just can't seem to find it...

Here is my problem...
On ISPConfig, I created a site, and then an FTP account butwhen I try to use it, the connection is refused. I'm not surprised now because the port 21 seems to be closed!

If I do netstat -tap | grep ftp, I got NOTHING!

If I do dpkg -l | grep -i "ftp", I get this :

ii  ftp                                 0.17-23                      The FTP client
ii  pure-ftpd-common                    1.0.28-3                     Pure-FTPd FTP server (Common Files)
ii  pure-ftpd-mysql                     1.0.28-3+b1                  Secure and efficient FTP server with MySQL user authentication
So the FTP seems to be there, right?

I don't know if you have everything to help me but don't hesitate to ask. This problem is driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance!


I forgot to say I can access the server through FTP with the root account (SFTP on port 22) only.

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