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Default HOWTO - which one do you need?

Hi HowToForge community

I have the strong feeling that it's time again to publish a tutorial over here - as day to day I remember where my whole linux "carreer"!

Therefor I wanted to ask/let you choose from a tutorial from the list below I'd be able to create:

- Gitlab Install (Debian) (well, they have good guide already)
- Gitlab-CI Install (Debian) (well, they have good guide already)
- Redmine (1.4, 2.1 might work too) Installation (Debian)
- Perfect OpenVZ HW Installation (CentOS)
- nginx Reverse Proxy Plugin Installation (ISPConfig)
- Rex(ify) remote framework - managing nginx through rex (Debian)

I might have missed one - so you can also ask for another if you think I'd be able to create it - we'll see.

Note: The HOWTO won't be released very soon, as I have exams at the moment - can take about 1 month.

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