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Default [PROBLEM] Howto install/update modsecurity2 with ispconfig3 for IDA


I'm actually using the modsecurity from this tutorial made by Till.

The tutorial works great , and i am very happy with my new implementation.

My problem is very simple, and i know how to solve this.
As explained on the link, there's a bug with {unique_id} variable, what i need is something like :

In file : modsecurity_crs_10_config.conf (main modsecurity config file)
SecDefaultAction "phase:2,log,redirect:{remote_addr}&regla=%{rule.msg}&id=%{ UNIQUE_ID}"

I need UNIQUE_ID to manage a future script to ban bad requests using iptables.

But when the redirect happens, no unique_id appears.
The bugtracker says that its fixed in 2.7.0, so thats why i need to update.

I have already tried a lot of tutorials, and any of them work.

Dunno what to do now, i'm a little lost.
I Hope someone can help me with this and first of all, thanks for helping.
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