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Originally Posted by till View Post
Why did you not upgrade Lenny to squeeze? Lenny is out of date and you wont get any updates for lenny anymore, so your server becomes insecure without security üatches. debian squeeze has php 5.3, so when you update to squeeze, you will get php 5.3 as well.
It's an old P3 server which servers just fine for student projects
For some strange reasons I couldn't install squeeze, I think that install would just freeze or so... That's why I gave up and installed Lenny. We are a small group of students and we use it as a proof of concept for moodle and for gensim/simserver and if the faculty staff approves it, then later they will buy new server... etc.

Right now I would like to install PHP 5.3, but I am a little bit stuck with it.

Can you please help me with this:

Moreover, according to comments people were just replacing 'stable' with either 'oldstable' or 'lenny' in
deb stable all
deb-src stable al
Unfortunatelly I can't make it work. What should I do?

It looks like that lenny is moved to

deb lenny all
But if I try to add that to sources list, it can't find it?

I even tried this solution, but it didn't help either:
How can I add lenny all to repository ?
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