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Hi Till,

The log folders of sites (not the sites folders) are mounted with "mount --bind" from /var/log/httpd/domain.tld to /var/www/clients/client[ID]/web[ID]/log.
Is there any way to prevent that ISPConfig uses the bind options for mounting logdirs beside changing the source?

I`m not verry happy with so many bind-mounted entrys and I cant see any reason for using bind-mounts since Im able to get the logs by ftp.

And - much more important for me - i`m running the websites on a drbd-resource with ocfs2. As long as any mount is active under the resource (like mount --bind), the umount of the resource is not possible.

So I first have to unmount the log-folders. At the moment Ive no idea how to fix the umount of a ocfs2-volume in such a case (of course, unmount it by hand works as aspected ).
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