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Default Relocating mail storage folder in Centos 6.3 with dovecot and ispconfig


I have a Centos 6.3 server which is running fine, thanks to the combined efforts of falko and till

Now, I need a bit of info regarding some customisation.

1. My users generate huge amounts of e-mail data, which they all want to keep on the server as well. Now, the main drive is a 75 gb/15krpm scsi, which while fast, is not big enough.

I added two more 2 TB drives, one for storage and another for backup, all formatted and mounted, under /Storage and /Backup.

As far as I can tell, mail is being stored in /var/vmail/domain.tld/user. Is there any way in which I can relocate this to the drive mounted under /Storage?

Also new e-mail domains created via ispconfig will have to store their stuff there automagically.

2. I have a ton of mails saved from the old hosting enviroment. Is there any way in which I can import/copy that data to their user folders and make it to show up in Squirrelmail?


For the first question, there probably is some setting in a .conf that regulates mail storage - I just need a bit of direction. The second, I have no idea if it would work or not.
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