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Default Can't get the slave to sync

Hi all,
I followed this howto:

And this section post:
2) In this step, wer create the record for the ns2. Go to DNS > Secondary DNS > Secondary zones and click on the add button. Enter the zone name in the zone field (the zone is the same that we created in 1) and in the ns field you add the IP address of the primary dns server (your first server) and click on save. Bind will now transfer the zone data automatically between the servers and will get updates from the primary server automatically.

In ispconfig >DNS>secondary DNS
I have Server: it's the primary or master ( I can't see the secondary)
Client : any
DNS zone:
NS : IP of primary server/DNS
Allow: IP of secondary DNS
Active : check

The two server just don't sync...

In the ns2 log I have
Jan 15 16:51:02 dns2 named[28492]: client xx.xx.xx.xx#12282: received notify for zone ''

But there is no pri.file in the /etc/bind or /etc/bind/slave
If I query the ns2 IT doesn't answer for the

How can I know if they sync? Is it in the log somewhere?

I'm just lost here, please any solution idea or trail to look...

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