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Default suPHP - have to CHMOD dirs/files

Hi there

I recently switched from a Debian HW node to CentOS and migrated all the OpenVZ containers on there. Inside the container's I'm running ISPConfig.

Since I had some permission problems inside the VEs, I double checked them. I found that several files are owned (were owned, I "fixed" it) by users/groups that to not exist (e.g. all php-fcgi-scripts etc).

However, I'm now having the problem that for sites running under suPHP mode directories and files need to be chmoded (666/777) - but that should exactly not be the case when running suPHP, right?

Also, running as Fasti-CGI brings: "No input file specified".

May anyone bring me on the right path? I guess it's a simple permissions problem.

Error logs of apache itself and client vhosts don't seem to be helpful.

Thanks a lot!
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