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Default ISP 3.0.5 RC not starting up on Debian Wheezy

I just installed a testing environment based on upgraded to Debian Wheezy. Installation went fine without any errors, but ISPConfig interface is not accessible afterwards on port 8080. I simply get
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
in the browser and Apache error log states only:
[Sun Jan 13 18:37:23 2013] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /var/www/, referer:
I first thought it might be a php-fcgi issue and activated the mod_php section in 000-ispconfig.vhost following the comment in, but after doing that I only get an 500 internal server error stating the following in the error.log:
[Sun Jan 13 18:40:53 2013] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  require_once(/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/index.php on line 31, referer:
[Sun Jan 13 18:40:53 2013] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  require_once(): Failed opening required '../lib/' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/index.php on line 31, referer:
Any Ideas what's going wrong here? Other vHosts / redirects to symlinks as e.g. /phpmyadmin or /squirrelmail work fine.
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