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Default ISPConfig Mail wih Roundcube

Checking the ispconfig mail config location: /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/mail/webmailer.php

isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])? $http = 'https' : $http = 'http';
header('Location:' . $http . '://' . $serverData['server_name'] . '/roundcube' );

I simple changed the link to roundcube but instead of the login page I get:
Index of /roundcube
[ICO] Name Last modified Size Description
[DIR] Parent Directory -
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

How can fix this? I verified it works externally with another virtual host separate server alias. Can I simple change the header to the external mail link... Or how can I make the insternal not show Index of /roundcube?
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