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Originally Posted by Richard506 View Post
Thanks for the quick reply.
I am a total newbie at this so can you tell me how I determine my dns-nameservers?
Richard, I can tell you how I've found my DNS but it depends on where your server resides. If you are running this server out of your local ISP, meaning using your Internet connection from home [i.e. comcast, verizon, AT&T] then you can do one of the following:

1. From Windows OS, open CMD and run
C:\> ipconfig /all
(look for your DNS server) OR
2. Log into your router and the setting should be there on the main page. OR
3. Call your ISP and ask them. OR
4. if you are running it from outside of your ISP (i.e godaddy) then you can get that from their documentation or call them.

I hope this helps....
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