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Default Minor Bug in service monitor?


I think I discovered a small bug in the service monitor, but you might also call it a configuration error, so I have to ask:

For the mail server I only want to allow encrypted connections (STARTTLS). So at first I put the line
ssl = required
into my dovecot.conf.
But this configuration did only work for the IMAP connection seemingly, not for POP3.

So I have disabled the unencoded pop3 protocol by changing the line
protocols = imap imaps pop3 pop3s
protocols = imap imaps pop3s

Now the connections are secure, but the service monitor tells me that the pop3 service is not available. I am sure it works, for I have created a mailbox to test it.

I see that all this happens because I use a workaround, but on the other hand the service is working and ISPConfig tells me it's not. Bug? :-)

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