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Default errors

I am getting the following errors when running It keeps the script from finishing, unless I comment spf info out.

root@relay-1:/etc/postfix# /usr/src/
postconf: warning: ???e: unknown parameter
postconf: warning: policy-spf_time_limit = 3600s: unknown parameter
postconf: fatal: -e or -# accepts no comment input

FYI: There is a typo with instructions on installing baruwa.

Had to change it to the following to get it to work:

mv uc?id=0B9cN15Q3pKnwLW1WNG9rN0dQNzg baruwa_1.1.2-4sn_all.deb
mv uc?id=0B9cN15Q3pKnwMHFUMFhWMW4ycU0 baruwa-doc_1.1.2-4sn_all.deb
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