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Originally Posted by skoena View Post
I have some additional questions.

1) How to get the backupped files to the new server and how to unpack them?
Please post the correct commands to use.
Been struggling with that one for my self the whole weekend, tried everything I could find about tar but always got the whole dir structure. So finally I used WinSCP to do the trick. Only hope the right are good after unpacking.

Originally Posted by skoena View Post
(Why backup /etc?
Have the same question found different howtos some say do and others say don't

Originally Posted by skoena View Post
2) Should I use
mysqldump --opt --user=root --password=xxxxxxxx --all-databases | gzip > mysql_backup.sql.gz
to backup db's? How to get this file to new server and how to import them back on the new server?
I am doing it right now I am importing the database with phpMyAdmin. But the client database I first have to manually recreate to import them. I luckly have only 5 clients so not that much work.

Hope it helped a bit...

Updating my server to Debian Squeeze, so here I go again...
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