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Ok I see so they are defaulted, just wanted to be sure, so I installed roundcube on the mail server which responds to internal ip of but it doesnt respond to the hostname of
If you dont have apache installed how does roundcube work, as it needs a webserver running - either apache, nginx or something else !

I think I understand a little bit, but there was no apache installation on my mailserver, so do I put the virtual host on the webserver and point it to the internal IP somehow?
I would suggest you install apache or nginx as if you try to run from another server, its going to be slower and more complicated to setup - and will be harder to learn/understand whats going on.
Unless its a large user base there really is no point. I have in the past had separate boxes running smtp and imap/webmail, but that was for a 1000 plus users, but most setups i do are for 20 to 100 users and i only ever have 1 box running postfix/dovecot/webmail, and the only other box i need is a backup mx, which is shared between several companies.

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