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I got it to work for a minute with a self signed cert, but when I try te add my own cert (replacing the key manually) it does not work anymore...

The virtualhost with ip:443 was added (by ISPConfig) in the vhosts file of the website, but now the virtual host is not created anymore...

1. Created self signed cert: working

After this
1. Deleted the self signed certificate
2. Inserted the real certificate data in the certificate field, saved (gave the system some time, and waited for the *.crt file to appear in the ssl folder)...
3. added the www.domain.ext.key file manually to the ssl dir...

Edit: So it works now, agian with a self signed cert, now I replaced the files in the ssl dir, but it keeps using the self signed cert...

Edit 2: Got it... I removed al the certs from the ssl dir, and uploaded my own stuff, now it takes the signed certificate... and it just works perfect

Thanks for the help!
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