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I guess you misunderstand my issue...
I'm able to login to the ISPConfig control panel (over port 8080, with an unsigned certificate, I'm fine with that)...

I'm trying to add an SSL certificate to one of the websites which is hosted on that server via ISPConfig...
The settings in ISPConfig seem right, I pasted the SSL cert into the second large field on the SSL tab of the website (including the ---begin, end--- delimiters), I enabled SSL on the main tab of that website, and if I go to my FTP server I can see that it did save the *.crt file correctly in the /ssl folder (if I open the file, it is the certificate signed by GeoTrust)...

I also tried to add this directive via ISPConfig

SSLCertificateChainFile /var/www/domain.ext/ssl/domain.ext.crt

After saving, when I go to the /etc/apache2/sites-availabledomain.ext.vhost I can see that that directive is presont on the last line (within the vhost tags)
I still end up with IE not being able to open any page (if I use https, http is fine)...

Edit: also tried editing the vhost tag from *:80 to *:443 or ext.ip.address:443 orr just *)...but nothing...
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