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I've added a new website right now, with a new client, and the website is up and working individually, while the ftp accounts the old ones work, and i've created a new one for ftpusers.local site and it worked, and a ftp user for the new domain. All works out perfectly.
Everything works out pretty damn good so far, nothing crashed and i can upload/download to all of them

LE: I've done this with 3 new domains nothin' crashed, and the client_id and website_id is just modified in what i've did for 1 domain. In sql the mods are done and the chown has been done automatically to that ftpusers.local so i don't need to do anything else there. i just add a new folder in that domain and all is good, and the users can be accessed from any other domain but they do not have access to my main website and domain, and they are on a different raid that is set just to hold temp work files. This is why, i've modded the location of the files just for 1 domain and the reverted them back, so that i'll have the other files of the domain in the old spot

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