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Welcome aboard! You didn't specify what type of videos your going to be streaming. You stated processing in the background. So you mean to transcode them and store them? So if I upload a .avi your wanting to turn it into a .mp4 or another format? I don't want to hinder you in anyway but 765mb of ram just isn't going to cut it for video. If your hosting static sites with no or little mysql then you might be ok with less then 10 websites and low page visits. I wouldn't do any email on this as running spam filtering and virus scanning would bring the server to its knees. There is no solution that will work right out of the box so your going to have to build one around which ever control panel you want to use. I personally use ISPCONFIG and have for years and have really good success with it. Zpanel was here along time ago and then went off the radar so I haven't tried it since then. You should also look into using nginx instead of apache2 as this will lower your memory foot print. You also stated that you have a static ip. What type of connection is this? Speed?
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