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i've came up with a small workarround untill i finish my script...

for those whom have the same "problem" you can do the following,

log into your server and create the folder you want to store you ftp accounts, for me it was

sudo mkdir /mnt/dev/sdd/ftp

that's all, now

Go to ISPConfig admin meniu -> System -> Server Config -> Server Configuration -> select server -> Web Tab -> and now...

Open Notepad -> you'll need it later to get set back the default settings so don't close it

Copy paste the info from Website basedir, path and symlinks to notepad and replace it with the path you want to use for ftp accounts. ( don't close notepad just minimize it )

For me it was like this,

Website basedir from /var/www -> /mnt/dev/sdd/
Website path from /var/www/clients/client[client_id]/web[website_id] -> /mnt/dev/sdd/ftp/
Website symlinks from /var/www/[website_domain]/:/var/www/clients/client[client_id]/[website_domain]/ to /mnt/dev/sdd/:/mnt/dev/sdd/ftp/

now create the client to which the ftp accounts will go to, to do so, go to
Client -> Add Client -> put in username whatever you like ftpusers, and a pass if you'd like. If you want you can moddify limits and stuff now or later, click Save.

Next create a domain, so go to Sites -> Website -> Add new website -> and for
client select ftpusers, and for
domain you can put ftpusers.local
auto-subdomain ( we don't need it so.. ) check none
Be sure that the domain is Active marked
and click save,

Now it's time to set back the default settings in System -> Server Config -> Your Server -> Web -> and replace the info Website basedir, path and symlinks to the default copy pasted values in notepad

Click Save and now go to Sites -> Folder -> Add new Record
and now Website will appear ftpusers.local , select it, and add a folder named test for example be sure it's Active and click save ( or any other ftp, but note it down, we'll need it later )

Go to Folder Users -> Add new record -> select the folder created earlier, set a user and ( not necesarry ) a pass for it ( this is just for web view, but the domain doesn't really exist and ppl can't access it, and even if they would with no pass it isn't accessible ) -> Save

Then go to FTP User and click add new FTP User -> add new FTP-User -> set user and pass for them , be sure to check ftpusers.local for website, and then go to Options, where you'll see that the Directory path, and to the default location ( for me it was /mnt/dev/sdd/ftp/ ) make it /mnt/dev/sdd/ftp/web/test
Web is by default the web locale default, can't change it,
Test, is the folder created earlier.
This is how to create folders and ftp users just these for ppl, with no real web-site real access.

Also if you'd like, you can set the clients rights ( System -> Edit User -> ftpusers ) to just "Sites" and be sure to make the start module to Sites and so you can give the user and pass to someone who will admin ftp users for the domain ftpusers.local with no other access to other accounts.

That's all hope it helps.
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