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Originally Posted by (O)fer_cz View Post

is it possible to run ISPC3 on Debian for ARM?
because Raspberry is running CPU: 700 MHz procesor ARM11 Broadcom BCM2835
For those still no sure... YES it will and yes it does... works like a charme

just follow the steps in the
1. create image from

2. follow howto from step 3:

One of the majer problems was getting mysql to restart when it came to installing ispconfig3... So... MAKE SURE mysql IS RUNNING BEFORE YOU TRY TO INSTALL ispconfig3

if its not running remove mysql server then reinstall then try installing ispconfig3.

I'm no expert so dont know why sometimes mysql dont restart on rpi, but for me removing and reinstalling workeded. Maybe some one could wite a fool proof howto for the raspberry pi.

Dont for get the repositories


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