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Default ISPconfig 3 and Office 365 DNS settings

I too have the same query on setting up office 365 DNS requirements using ISPconfig 3

From what I gather from Hans and Tills reply

Microsoft gives the following information:
Type: SRV
Service: _sip
Protocol: _tls
Port: 443
Weight: 1
Priority: 100
TTL: 1 hour

For me I have only 4 fields in ISPconfig when I create a SRV record:
- Hostname:
- Server record:
- TTL:
- Active: check marked

I plan to enter the following but I am not sure what I am doing:

Server Record: 1 443
TTL: 3600
Active: Check Marked

Although Till has referred us to the manual, I am confused as to what to do with
the other defined entries microsoft requires. Namely:

Service: _sip
Protocol: _tls
Priority: 100

Can someone who has actually done an office 365 DNS setup or an dns guru help a noob like
me (I need really dumb step by step just put this in here suggestions).

Sorry to revive an old post. Microsoft guides notes cant help me as they often refer back
to the "Administrator" of the DNS service provider to create a custom SRV record (in instances
when the web-based ISPconfig GUI is unable to create the above microsoft DNS entry requirements). The problem
here is I am the Administrator and I dont know what to do. Please help.
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