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Default webserver and database

Today was the big day to "Frankenstein" my beautiful webserver and integrate another server into ispconfig. This server as double function of webserver and database server.

Well, it went fine, just took me a hour to figure out how ispconfig stores things like the vhosts and the www root directories.
Needed to do some apache2.conf changes, my conf file was more restricted and each host had a directory line with root location and include sites-enabled. My mysql conf was kept pretty much the same with my tweaked settings, with exception for commenting out "only respond on the interface".

Yeah, did not understand at first in ispconfig add website what settings to use for php... but a quick look in this excellent forum gave me the answer for Joomla websites, SUexe and phpfcgi. Not mod-php.

Webserver Databases went without issues with phpmyadmin, did have to change the control panel ispconfig to when pressing the database button to open the webserver phpmyadmin and not the control panel phpmyadmin that I previously looked with .htaccess to my lan. The webserver phpmyadmin responds over WAN.

Testing the websites performance with apache2 benchmark and webpagetest, gave me a few nano seconds more, not happy but those nano's will save hours of website work. So, it's an OK compromise. msqltunner benchmark reported no changes in mysql... as expected since my.cnf is the same.

Tomorrow will test FTP and add 1 godady SSL and 2 STARTSSL certificates to 3 of the websites, responding on the same WAN IP but using different ports (got to love the facebook applications, must have ssl). More fun.

p.s. after deletion, ISPConfig seems to leave some settings behind in the database. Haven't investigate this yet, but user groups from deleted users still show up and after deleting a website ispconfig did not regenerate the website folder:
/web11/ deleted website
/web12/ it should be 11, so there's a gap between 10 and 12.
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