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Default Change ftp location

Hey guys,
I come with a new "problem"/question, to you.. i've been starting to look for a way to change the default location of the ftp folder of each user. Now my problem is, if i want for a user to just give him access to a ftp on a specific mounted storage, how would i do that, so that the rights would be automatically set and no bash commands to be involved ???

by default you can set a ftp to point to a folder created inside a client, that by default will point to the webpage of the client, or a folder created earlier...
so the path would be /var/www/clients/client1/web1/ftp for example.
but i want to put it on a separate hdd's for example that i've added in raid and mounted to /mnt/sdd/ and to point it to the folder ftp . In where should i edit the php to change the folder location and user asignment.
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