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Originally Posted by DaRKNeSS666NL View Post
Just some extra questions regarding this...

Here is mentioned to back up ALL mysql databases so with client databases I guess. But in line 7 there is to restore client databases. So now I am guessing to not include the client databases. Must I backup only ISPConfig database in step 2 or indeed all of them?

What must I do whit this one? or must I use this file to complete step 5.
So extract it and edit the files from it?

TIA, think I will need some more help by getting it right but, still am going for it.......
You need to back up and restore the all the mysql stuff, unless you want to lose the client databases. I forget if you need to do this for the mysql database itself, but I'm sure till will fill in that blank.

For step 5, as till said:

5) copy all users and groups of the websites (users are web1, web2, ... , groups are client1, client2, ..., etc.) from the files /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group and /etc/gshadow from the old server to the new server. Copy only the lines of the users and groups, not the whole files! and make a backup of the files before you change them.

All the other files will be remade by a) the fresh install of ispconfig and b) the resync.
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