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Default Courier IMAP problem


I have a problem with my courier-imap (sorry if I am totally wrong here.. but, here are some geniuses around).

Lately a user accidentally deleted all his messages from his IMAP Inbox.. since we backuped everything it was no problem to restore the backup of his mailbox.

We recovered this directory from the backup:

Everything works fine, except.. all his mails are showing up with a wrong "Date Received". The Webmail Interface is displaying the correct dates, so it's probably an issue with his Mail Client (Apple / iPhone).

It seems as if the Mail Client is using the "ctime" from the filesystem. I checked some files in the cur directory, they all have the correct "mtime", but of course they all have a ctime of today.

Is there any way to fix this? Sadly there is no possible fix on the Client side

Thanks and a happy new year!
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