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As a internet service provider, you sell the domains to your customer so you will have to enter them anyway as you have to write your customers invoices etc.
We are not all domains provider
Ok,so you say a computer program like isponfig shall be able to read contracts and find the real ownerships and administrations rights for a domain when a human is not able to do this? As administrator, you sold the domain to the custiomer or he ordered the website for this domain on your hosting pagem so you know that he owns the domain.
This is not what i said ! You can do a very simple SQL query find there are a another website with the same domain so first come first served.
And no this is not better than a human but it's take less time and it's better when you haven't this option checked.
Ok, please show me the regex that validates that the person which is in front of a computer monitor owns the domain name or is authorized by the domain owner of the domain to create is as website or email domain and I will implement it.
This is not wat i said, i said that with a Regex+SQL you can see if a domain is already used IN YOU SERVER, and this is logic no ?
Although this is not what I said, yes there's a regex that it allows you to do this and it is extremely simple regex you can do it in 15 minutes (Okey the script need to download a whois page from a whois provider (XML: HTML or anything else) and you perse it using regex to find the name after this you use a condition and it's done) but this is not what i say to do, what i say to do is to simply check if a domain is already used by another clients if we haven't check the option of limited domain, yeah okey it's not betted than a human but it's fast the same
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